About Us

At Giosoul we are all about quality, spirituality, and healing. We are a Calgary based company and twin sister duo who handcrafts each and every piece with unconditional love and faith.

Giosoul offers a collection of unisex bracelets, necklaces, and traditional Malas. Each piece that we make is thoughtfully handcrafted and made to be personalized, using the finest gemstones with the highest quality.

Our journey began in 2016 as an expression of love, personal exploration with healing gemstones, reiki, and creativity. We have a passion for helping others and we believe in the spiritual connection that one can feel from each uniquely designed and handcrafted piece. Our hope is that you cherish your pieces and continue to grow spiritually with them.

Thank you for supporting our creative business


Coffee. Cream & Quartz
Crystal Please!

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